popsqueake07 » neat blog
gothicpoet » Gotta write more...
gothicpoet » And of course the webcam is not working again yet... I migrated my server to Linux and haven't gotten the camera up and going yet.
gothicpoet » hahaha... but then you'd see what I'm wearing!
JessIndeed » Hey Tim, Maybe once it's dark outside you can point that camera back inside and say "hi" to us so we don't see this "black hole" haha
Savvy1stMate » Spatula Dance? Yes, yes the Spatula Dance! *Does the Spatula Dance to Elijah Wood's new hit single* What was that, Captain? You want to join in?
.:Olivia:. » lol Savvy does the spatula dance everywhere.
IAin't-a-tellin' » About that woman in Muncie... Maybe she was just planning ahead. After all, there's nothing quite like Muncie water for making someone terminally ill!
kokopeli » you got the spatula dance too huh. its wierd but strangely intrigueing
gothicpoet » Spatula dance?
Savvy1stMate » Just thought I would stop by and cheer you up! *does the spatula dance*
Jaslyn » Interesting blog contents
PJRocks » oh, i;m sorry for hitting the WRONG smiley..
PJRocks » very sad..
IAin't-a-tellin' » Re: 10/10 blog: Did you know that when cable TV was first intro'd, it was marketed as having a fee attached because there would be no commercials to support the networks? To the exec: Et tu, Brutus?
IAin't-a-tellin' » Hi there gothicpoet! As a fellow former Connertuckian, who was in no way involved with any of them thar hangin's, I just want to say... Nice job with the blog page!!!
PrettyinPUNK » Filling your empty space. Nice blog.