Entry: Busy, busy, busy! Sunday, October 03, 2004

Wow, I have been so bad at updating this thing! On the bright side I just got my webcam working again so the picture out my window is baaaaaack.

No new problems with the b*tchy neighbors although I had a *fascinating* conversation with the old lady who lives over there with her husband while I was installing our nice new metal mailbox. Clueless... and of course she denied the whole thing having been busted... got all indignant about having been accused of lying, and claimed that they had never even spoken to our housesitter because (get this!) they "didn't have to." It was okay to do what they'd done with the mailbox thing because there was no mail in our box at the time...

Wow. Can you possibly find a more illogical POV than that??? (Not to mention legally wrong.) And just how did our house sitter come up with all these details if they'd never talked to her? Crazy assh*les.

Entertainingly enough, a few days after we took down their $5 plastic mailbox and put up a metal one, their own $5 plastic mailbox disappeared and was replaced by a metal one exactly like ours.

Again, crazy...

Well, the in-laws are in town this weekend and we have a train to go catch (literally!) So I'll write more later. (Promise!)


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