Entry: "Minnesota Nice" charade Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Did a little research in other's blogs who are from Minnesota. Apparently the deal is this...

No matter what assinine obnoxious behavior someone exhibits never EVER say anything about it to their face. Unless it happens to be behavior involving their bad driving.

If you do say something to someone's face about their bad behavior (no matter what way they have trampled on your rights, property, etc) you have just committed a far greater social faux pas than whatever they did.

It doesn't matter what they did nor how incredibly unacceptable it would have been in any other part of the country. It doesn't matter if they lied or cheated. By bluntly speaking your mind about whatever self-involved behavior they have committed, you have automatically made it okay. The onus is on the aggrieved party and not the person who actually did something that any sane and normal person would consider WAY out of bounds. At least any sane and normal person who is not from the great state of Minnesota.

The socially acceptable place to speak your mind about what another person has done to you is behind their back. The socially acceptable means of doing something about an affront is to stick it to them when they aren't looking and can't directly pin it on you.

The only exception is driving, wherein it is acceptable to go as close to the brink of causing an accident as possible when exacting retribution on another driver so long as you don't actually do so. If you do cause an accident everyone will proceed to talk about how they can't understand how people could drive in such a fashion in a state where everyone is always so nice.

And if you don't like these rules you can go live in one of the other LESSER areas of the country. For after all, Minnesota is where the nicest people all live. And if you don't agree they just won't speak to you anymore.

By this logic, my having said something about the fact that my neighbors lied to my house sitter and said that they'd discussed putting in new mailboxes (then going ahead and putting in new mailboxes while we were out of town) is a lesser sin than the mortal sin of actually confronting the neighbors about having done so. This would explain why they not only didn't deny it but didn't seem to feel any guilt or shame.

Speaking for those of us who aren't from Minnesota... Could you people (at least the ones who practice this stuff) possibly have your heads any further up your asses?

If anyone out there is actually FROM Minnesota originally and would care to clear up my thinking on this point please do so. If I'm right about this, I'm just flummoxed. This is the most illogical behavior I've ever seen from such a large group of people.

Unless you count the people who plan to vote for George Bush but aren't rich...


October 3, 2004   11:24 AM PDT
Oh wow... Child protective services? Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice...
September 10, 2004   04:07 PM PDT
Speak your mind, that's all I can say, and f**k 'em in Minnesota who can't deal with it. One of our anal retentive neighbors called child protective services because our 5 year old was walking two lawns away, on OUR side of the street, to a friends house, they said he was being neglected.
September 7, 2004   03:49 PM PDT
I you guys can move the hell out of that state sooner than later....I'd be burning mad.

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