Entry: Ah the perils... Wednesday, August 04, 2004

One of the great perils of blog-dom is that it provides a place to vent.
While on the surface this might seem like a good thing, it also means that it's very easy for a blog to turn into a steaming pool of green, gaseous angst.  It's important to leaven a blog with some levity - which I have not been so good at lately.  There's been a lot going on, and a lot of it's been well nigh overwhelmingly frustrating.  There's been some stress in the stately manse that I call home (errr...  okay, 1950's rambler on a corner lot does not qualify as a "stately manse" but I can dream can't I?)
Things are not all bad in my little corner of the world.
My job has always involved some very odd office politics but after putting in six years I seem to be landing on the "accepted" side of things - approved, stamped grade A, and no longer in ongoing contention with significant numbers of other staff.  In short, things are good.
For that matter I've been at the same job for six years and I like it.  There was a brief hiatus working for a dot.com at the end of the "bubble", but that even turned out to be a good thing.  The bubble popped but I got a raise to take my old job back.
I've got a very nice, very loyal, easy going (she doesn't think so) wife who has a bit of a kinky adventurous side.  She is my partner in crime, my sidekick, and I am hers.  From the standpoint of Reason I would say that should be true of any guy who's ended up married, but it seems to be far out into the left field country of "exception" rather than the rule.  And given the amount of pressure I got to "settle down" with a couple of women who would have been very wrong, I guess I see why...  Most guys eventually cave.  I'm just stubborn that way.
And I have friends - good friends.  Only one of them lives in the same state, but I'm always glad to see the ones who don't and they always seem genuinely glad to see me.
And for all the summer's tribulations, we have our own house.  It's our first house, and we're pretty excited about that.  It's easy to not comment on that too often because we see it as a stepping stone.  When Mel finishes her Ph.D. we're planning to move on to more friendly pastures and hopefully a more "stately manse" like "stately manse".
In the meantime we've got a couple of flower gardens, a nice big deck, two big mature shade trees in the front yard, and for all the weirdness of people in Minnesota I still think we live in a pretty nice neighborhood.  (No vandalism, etc., etc.)  We have our own washer and dryer, and our dogs get to run and play in our own fenced in yard.
And we have a cat.  We never lived in an apartment where we could do that, although we'd both wanted to.  If you're not a cat lover, it probably sounds weird to see this mentioned prominently but if you are, you undoubtedly "get it".  Al's a cool little guy. 


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