Entry: Neighbors amok Tuesday, August 03, 2004

We had the most bizarre experience

(Edited down for clarity and bizzarro brevity... nothing sane and normal about this)
1. Contractor Guys come to excavate for sidewalk on neighbors yard
2. Guys pile stuff in my yard (inc. part of heavy equipment)
3. I ask Guy #1 to please move bobcat attachment
4. Guy #1 acts p*ssed
5. I go inside
6. Guy #2 later comes to my door
7. Guy #2 apologizes for stuff in yard (seems nice until...)
8. Tells me he's missing a part
9. I tell him I didn't see it anywhere
10. He acts angry / like he thinks we took it
11. Neighbor comes over
12. Neighbor is mad that we didn't want stuff piled in our yard
13. Neighbor also acts like we took whatzit
14. Guy leaves in a fury
15. Try to be nice with neighbor
16. Makes no dent on neighbors mood (suspicion coated with teflon)
17. Neighbor leaves
18. We're amazed.


Theory I posit : This strange behavior is either entirely due to Minnesota inbreeding or the interaction between Minnesota passive-aggressive inbreeding and Hoosier "it's my yard so why should you pile your crap in it"-ism.


August 3, 2004   10:54 PM PDT
It's like living in a foreign country. I'm less rattled by the experience now, but WOW...
August 3, 2004   03:50 PM PDT
They sound really idiotic to me. I'd say that his missing gadget went home with the first guy that left, somehow. If I am reading this all correctly.

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