Entry: Test drive ... zoom... Thursday, July 22, 2004

So I can now post to my blog by email?  Awesome!  Maybe I'll post more often now.
Well, I've tried my best to jury rig (in the grand tradition of previous owners) a seal over the leaky pipe in my wall, but no dice.  Today I gave in and finally called in a plumber.  The leak is very slow so it was safe to wait for him to come on Friday, and as a result I was finally able to find a plumber who charges less than $100 per hour.  The previous three I'd called (that is, the three who would tell me over the phone what they charge) all wanted $135 and up.
Do I live in a money pit?  Hmmm...  I don't *think* so but I certainly hope the property value goes up before I sell the place so that I don't end up paying for a bunch of repairs someone else will get to enjoy for years to come.
We also got our third estimate for having our driveway paved today.  This third estimate was the highest one yet.  It's a fairly short little driveway but it's never been paved, and now the city is requiring that we have it paved.  The estimates so far have been $1400, $1500, and $1695.  Much fun for all involved except me -- who has to pay the bills.
Yesterday the electrical inspector came and checked over the service upgrade work that we had done right after the fourth of July.  He was in and out in about 15 minutes and really only checked over the work that the electricians actually did.  We had heard horror stories about how he would check everything in our house and want it all to be up to code, including anything anyone else had ever done.  Fortunately for us, he didn't.  It's not that I know of any horrendous electrical problems hiding in our house but there are a few things...  like the refrigerator that isn't plugged into a grounded outlet.  The previous owners put an adapter on it to plug it into a non-grounded two prong outlet.
On a brighter note, our yard is finally almost fully green again.  Minnesota was in a drought last summer, fall, and winter...  including the time between our agreement to purchase the house, and when we moved in a month and a half later.  The previous owners decided to stop watering the lawn since they weren't living in the house, and had already 'sold' it.  The result, as would be expected, was for nearly half the yard to pretty much just die.  We've been doing a lot of fertilizing and regular watering this year to bring it back.
Unfortunately, the flip side is that it's now apparent just how much crab grass has invaded our yard.  I don't think there's much I can do about that until next spring though.  I tried to put out some Scott's that's supposed to fight crab grass but I don't think it's much good unless you put it out early in the year before the grass comes fully to life.


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