Entry: Weekend Disconnect Sunday, June 20, 2004

It's been an interesting weekend though not in an entirely good way.

I think Friday was a harbinger - it's the weekend of disconnectedness. Everyone is out of reach.

I've been trying to reach a friend to see if she needed help moving into her new apartment since Wednesday. Her landline phone is disconnected and she hasn't answered her voicemail. Hopefully she's got enough people to help her move her stuff. (And also hopefully this just means she's too busy with moving to call back and not that her cell phone service is screwed up again -- it's happened before.)

An old friend (and ex-) whom I haven't seen in ten years was going to be in town this weekend and wanted to meet up with us to catch up on old times. Friday morning she IMed me to say that she couldn't meet Friday for lunch after all (the original plan) so we should shoot for today. I was fine with that -- "call me when you're ready to make plans."

Friday afternoon (a symbolic event apparently) I looked out the sliding doors to our deck and noticed something out of place... the phone lines to our house were lying draped across our deck and diagonally across the back yard. They were still attached to the box on the outside of the house and to the pole. The lines had come untethered from the post that sticks up above our roof to keep them out of the way.

This isn't a big deal because we don't use the local phone company at all anyway. We've been using Vonage over our broadband line for our phone (very cool -- http://www.vonage.com) for a year and a half anyway. The broadband is cable so we don't pay the telephone company for anything. I called them and they said that since the problem is between our house and the pole, it's their problem and it'll be no charge to us for them to come out and fix it.

I mention it merely because it seems to be part of the ongoing trend for the weekend. "Disconnectedness." (It's also annoying because I can either try to mow around it - ha! - or not mow the yard til Qwest comes out Monday to fix it.)

It's now Sunday late afternoon and no word from the old friend (from ten years gone) so I called her cell number. I got her voice mail of course.


And yet by the end of the day all things come together (mostly anyway). The old friend called back and we got together with her. We came home and discovered that Qwest had come to our house while we were gone and strung the phone line back up out in our yard (on a Sunday!) and our Minneapolis friend called to say that she'd been really busy but she'd gotten our messages.

I guess you can never count a day out until it's well and thoroughly over.


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