Entry: Just a little too late... Thursday, June 17, 2004

Have you noticed that the one thing you really want/need is invariably the thing that you can't get because the store/shop just closed?

Last night it was Starbucks... it had been a really long week and it just caught up with me just about 9:30 pm. I had just enough time to get to Starbucks before they close at 10:00 pm and I was having a ferocious craving for a frappucino.

Except that I caught every red light on the way. I got to the store just a couple of minutes after they locked the doors.

So, I'm thinking -- do the laws under which the cosmos operates deem that no matter what it is that you suddenly have a desperate yen for at in the evening, the store will close before you get there....

Or is there just something perverse about human nature that we never want something desperately until it's reached the point that we can just barely no longer get it?

The just missed frappucino is a metaphor for a lot of things in life. Especially "loves lost".


June 20, 2004   10:03 PM PDT
So have I!!!! That's exactly the one that I was craving, and I very frequently do!
June 17, 2004   05:21 PM PDT
I've acquired a new ferocious addiction to the java chip frappuccino....it's perverse really

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