Entry: Long time... Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Well, it's been for-ever. Not been keeping up with the writing. Should make more of an effort.

What's new? I get more sleep these days and eat better. I've lost an inch off my waistline and feel much better. We paid off a loan and are trying to get some small home improvement projects going. Found a Minnesota friend, had her for a while, but may have lost her again... hard to say just yet. Why are these people so damn passive aggressive? They're extremely frustrating.

An old friend of Melinda's came to visit us for a few days last week. She's from Indiana like us, but lives far up at the north end of Minnesota. It was extremely refreshing to have someone from our part of the midwest to talk to. We're a lot more open than people are here.

I have sometimes wondered if maybe it's just the two of us, so I asked Jen if she found people here to be very "prickly" once you get past the layer of "we're all Minnesota-Nice." She surprised me a little by immediately saying, "oh, they're EXTREMELY passive aggressive. And then there's another layer of nice again if you ever get past that, but it takes a really long time!"

It's good to get some reassurance that you aren't crazy from time to time. Unfortunately, the culture here makes it that much more difficult for an outsider to make any friends. People are just too different. The games get really tiring. (Or to be less polite, the level of BS that you have to carefully avoid stepping in...)

Her visit was interesting in other ways as well. Jen is a Lutheran minister. More interesting from my perspective because I was raised as a fundamentalist baptist (the ranting right wing kind of baptists -- crazy). She was quite respectful of the fact that we didn't believe the same things she did, and didn't take my opinions of organized christianity at all personally. We had some nice conversations about religion... That almost never seems to happen with anyone.

Oh... and we got a cat. Yes, now it's two dogs (Roxy and Lucky) and our black cat Al. No, we didn't name him. We adopted him from an animal rescue center, and he already had the name. He seems to sort of know it. It's sometimes hard to tell with cats.

Al has been remarkably well behaved. I've had a lot of cats but never one that was this "house friendly". He's a good little guy.


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